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Interparebrise, 100% for the environment!

  • We provide all the processing, sorting and recycling of waste incurred during our interventions.

  • All of our centers (labels) are aware and staff are encouraged to participate in the preservation of the environment:
    Sorting, saving paper, energy, recycling cartridges, battery recovery.

  • The necessary actions are carried out internally on the prevention of risks with the mandatory equipment for employees.

  • Our supplier partners to help improve the environment with the development of environmentally beneficial products.

  • We implement manufacturing processes to better preserve the environment.

    Technological change brings a direct reduction in energy consumption.

Interparebrise FRANCE - 27, Rue Gustave Delory - 42000 Saint-Etienne - FRANCE - tél. +33 4 77 93 78 81 - mail : contact@interparebrise.com