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Replacing windscreen

The windscreen is more than a single pane that allows us to see!

Technical replacement windscreen


This is essential to your safety, both active and passive. Do not take a component as important to anyone.
Only professionals versed in the latest techniques will be addressed in the rules of art ...
Interparebrise Our technicians have been trained to replace any type of windscreen
  • windscreen passenger vehicle
  • windscreen bus
  • windscreen truck
  • windscreen utility
  • windscreen of vehicle collection
  • windscreen 4x4
  • windscreen car without a license
  • windscreen camper
  • windscreen construction and agricultural machinery

Their expertise is unsurpassed, thanks to the expertise of automotive professionals.

In case of broken windscreens, your vehicle will be drawn, glass and debris removed.

We recollons thumbnails, and if your glass was tattooed anti-theft, we automatically regravons new windscreen.

You can find your vehicle in its original state.

The amount of replacement is covered by your insurance through the broken windows (after the contract terms).

If necessary, Interparebrise offers free replacement vehicle.

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