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Our services

An impact quickly repaired
A faster windscreen replaced!

With Interwindscreen, you choose the professional quality! Our technicians work on all types of vehicles with unparalleled expertise.
If you are insured glass breakage, repair is covered by your insurance (depending on the conditions of your contract).

The majority of interventions is without appointment.

  • assist you with your administrative
  • shall contact your insurance
  • if immobilization of your vehicle is free to you with a vehicle-replacement.

  • Land Vehicle, 4x4, convertible car without a license, a vintage car, motorhome Motorhome, caravan.
  • utility vehicle, special purpose vehicles
  • trucks.
  • special machinery , agricultural machinery tractors, forestry, public works equipment.


Interparebrise FRANCE - 27, Rue Gustave Delory - 42000 Saint-Etienne - FRANCE - tél. +33 4 77 93 78 81 - mail : contact@interparebrise.com