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Windscreen bus

All buses must be fitted, since 1 July 1981, laminated windscreens.

This windscreen offers a higher level of security because the glass if it breaks the glass does not break but only cracks and in most cases only one left after a shock impact.
windscreens of buses and coaches are mostly glued. Only the older generation of coaches are fitted with windscreen gasket.
The windscreen of bus like most ice creams are stuck for several reasons:
Firstly sticking to associate the glass to the infrastructure of the bus by making the windshield attached to the structure of char which allows to have panoramic windows covering the entire front surface of the bus because it is thewindscreen and its bonding to the framework that ensures the resistance of the bus rollover or side impact.
On the other hand, the glass glued avoid the ejection of passengers in an accident.
Apart from their surfaces more and more important these windscreens of buses also have many functions:

  • windscreen tinted and tint (solar filter)
  • Heated windscreen (anti-fog and anti-icing)
  • windscreen with antenna (radio, gps)
    These windscreen can be repaired in case of impact. Crash do not hesitate to appraise your windshield in one of our Interparebrise center, where depending on the magnitude of the impact and the type of windscreen fitted to your bus we will advise the best repair solution.

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