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Truck windscreen

Since 1 July 1981 the windscreens are laminated truck.

This type of glass is much stronger than traditional glass, he, breaks on impact. The windscreen of truck is only going to score, the worst crack without fragmenting, parts of the truck’s windscreen still retained in place by the spacer inserted between the two panes of the windscreen.
It is recommended, however, in case of impact on your windscreen heavyweight, to intervene quickly and repair impact at the earliest. A windscreen impacted loses 70% of its strength in this case if the repair is not performed immediately impact will be transformed into crack and the windscreen is no longer serviceable.
The regulation control technique is very strict about safety conditions related to the windscreen of truck. This technical visit will be denied if your windscreen has a visibility problem.

A crack or impact affects the strength of the windscreen. The crack should not exceed 30cm.


Although the windscreen of truck are less affected by the projection of gravel or stones due to the height of the cabin from the road, the breakage rate remains high because of the sometimes harsh conditions of use of some trucks.
Crash feel free to visit us, a technician expertise your windscreen truck and you will promote the best repair method.

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